Armstrong launches new A+ Foil System and HA Foils

The team at Armstrong Foils have been working overtime during the last 6 months, to unveil their new A+ system. Here they explain everything that you can expect from this anticipated collection: 


  1. A+System
    For over a year, Armie has been working on our new ‘A+System' which is designed to take strength and durability into the future…  With the introduction of our new High Aspect (HA) range of foil wings, the increased torque and forces transferred to the mast and fuselage needed to be addressed. The A+System is the result of many hours of design and testing that ensures our multi-functional modular system can take the loads that are applied to all parts when riding true HA wings!  The new A+System has full-width screws and Titanium Barrel Nuts across both mast and front wing connection and locks them in position.
    *Please refer to the PDF for the nitty-gritty on the A+System.
  2.  TC Fuselage A+System
    Running through the heart of each fuselage is a solid Titanium Core, our new A+System takes advantage of this by incorporating full width Titanium Barrel Nuts across both mast and front wing connections to lock them in position. We’ve streamlined, strengthened and simplified the rear wing connection by attaching the tail wing directly to the fuselage. For most riders this means a simple, direct, shim-less connection of the tail wing.
  3. High Aspect Foil Wing.
    You asked we deliver…Performance, speed and glide have been taken to the next level with the HA 1125. We have worked closely with the top Americas Cup helmsman and foiling addicts, Pete Burling (Emirates, Team New Zealand) and Jimmy Spithill (Luna Rossa,  Team Italy) who have both been giving feedback and input during the development process. At 9.8:1 the HA 1125 is a true High Aspect ratio foil wing that sets the standard for glide performance while retaining enough handling that it can be turned easily, making for an exceptional ride. Advanced Winging, kiting and Downwind aficionados requiring max glide performance will want to get their hands on this wing simply because it is next level for pump and glide!
    The HA1125 is available to order now, more sizes coming soon!
  4. HS1550 V2 Foil Wing
    The HS1550 was our first HS wing and it has proven to be a winner. The V2 builds on that success with subtle refinements to handling and a good injection of performance! Faster, smoother, more agile, better pump and progressive in pitch make it simply more exciting to ride.
  5. Flying V Tail Wing
    The Flying V 200, is our take on the latest understanding of what a radical tail wing should be! Inspired by our team rider, Skyrama, Armie has taken it one step further by mixing in some off-limits Americas Cup design secrets to create the very cutting-edge Flying V.
  6. CF300 V2 Tail Wing
    The CF300 V2 has had its thickness and planform re-worked to further improve it's forgiving nature. It incorporates the perfect amount of anhedral curve in the centre and dihedral curve at the tips for an overall high level of stability with smooth progressive pitch control at all speeds and bank angles.
  7. HS 232 V2 Tail Wing
    The HS 232 is our performance all-rounder. The V2 has refinements to thickness and planform to improve its overall performance and speed. The foil section has been updated for more top end, it has a thinner profile with more camber which helps retain stability throughout its speed range.

A+ Fuselage Special

We realise that there will be many loyal AF peeps out there who will want to upgrade their First Generation kit into the A+ System.

We are making this super easy by offering a limited special on the A+ Fuselage and A+ System upgrade kit (Jig and drill bits) which includes the PC Shims too.

*All current fuselages (in current mast) fit new A+System foils AND current foil range.
*All current front foil range can easily be updated to A+ system screws with A+ System upgrade drilling jig kit only.
*Current masts can be updated to take new A+ system fuselage with the drilling jig kit.

Retail price is $538.99 USD
Special is $399.99 USD

Simply add a Fuselage into the website shopping cart and at check out, please quote coupon code AFUSE and the discount will apply.

Please note that the offer will automatically include the A+ Conversion kit and shims when your Fuselage ships.

This special expires on 18th April 2021.


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