Armstrong APF 1350 Front Foil

Armstrong debut a new addition the APF family: The 1350 Front Foil 

The APF (Armstrong Pump Foil) foils have redefined pump foiling potential since their release last year. The new APF 1350 fills the space between the APF 1675 and HA 1180. It's ideal for lighter riders chasing pump foiling or learning to downwind, or riders of any weight seeking the low-speed takeoff of the APF but with more speed and glide than an APF 1675. 

Best of both worlds

Ultra-low stall speed with the performance to glide at speed.

The APF 1350’s design DNA is rooted in what makes the APF foils so good at low speeds – a straight leading edge and high camber foil section – and benefits from the latest research and design that went into our HA foils. Like the larger APFs, the 1350 foil section gives it a very low stall speed with excellent low speed controllability and predictability. The outer portion of the foil shares its section design with the HA foils to achieve a greater average glide speed and efficiency.

Rock solid stability

Stable when you need it, responsive when you want it.

The APF 1350 delivers pitch stability in key phases of flight and a quick response to pitch inputs for zippy acceleration when you want it. The specially designed Pump 202 stabiliser works in harmony with the front foil to support flight speeds throughout the pump cycle. This solid feeling underfoot lets you focus on building your technique and developing efficiency to go further than ever before.

World class design

When a foil mastermind and aerospace engineer combine.

Collaboratively designed by Armie Armstrong and engineer Chris Porter, the APF foils are the brainchild of their collective foil knowledge and design prowess. Chris and Armie’s approach to innovating and optimising all areas of the APF’s design have led to a pump foil that’s truly designed from tip to tip for performance and user friendliness.

A+ System

The ultimate modular foil assembly system

The A+ System is our proprietary foil assembly design that joins the mast, fuselage, front foil and stabiliser together for a solid and smooth feeling on the water.

  • Hexagonal carbon fibre fuselage with a titanium rod core creates a uniquely smooth feel underfoot.
  • Premium 316 steel and titanium hardware eliminates corrosion and provides a naturally snug fit, no tef gel required.
  • Polycarbonate Pro shims allow for half degree incremental changes to stabiliser pitch for incredibly easy tuning of the foil’s flight characteristics.


  • High aspect ratio
    • 10.7AR for excellent glide efficiency.
  • High camber section
    • Creates a low stall speed with excellent low speed controllability and predictability.
  • Rounded safety wing tips
    • For safety in case of a fall onto the wing tip.
  • Toray carbon fibre
    • Built from premium Toray high and intermediate modulus carbon fibre for exceptional stiffness and light weight.
  • Armstrong A+ System
    • Our proprietary connection system offers industry-leading strength, durability and modularity.


The Best of Both Worlds

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