The new RRD Beluga has dropped and we are excited to learn more about it. Here is what the RRD team have to say about their latest release: 

The new BELUGA is a dedicated wingfoil board that will let you quickly progress in your level. You will now be able to open up to the full pleasure of specific equipment for wingfoiling. You will use your foil to create your motion, ride, carve and jump in a feeling of pure freedom. The Beluga is fun to ride both in flatwater and in waves, it simply does the job whatever the conditions!

The new Beluga has a compact shape to push beyond your level. Accessible and ready for any maneuver. The 170 has a sleek approach to lighter winds and the easiest take off. The rails, with a pronounced bevel, allows you to have a larger area to position your feet and less bottom surface to reduce the drag during touch downs. A pronounced kicker on the tail makes you fly in no time when pumping it and keep control during your tricks.

// Main features:

• Carry handle on the bottom for easy entry into the water.
• Special deck concave shape for a comfortable and performing ride.
• Tail kicker to start foiling earlier and bevelled rails.
• Deep double concave bottom for smooth touch downs.
• Multiple straps position (double or single front straps) to chose your preferred set up.
• Specific reinforced foil box with 2 US slots to resist any stress.
• The 170 is convertible to windfoil as it floats enough to uphaul the sail and is well balanced when powered up at full speed.
• The 170 available in LTD and E-TECH


The Beluga 170 is the ideal board to have fun in all conditions. Easy and accessible but also maneuverable for you to advance in your level. Use it together with the WIND WING and the KSH UNIVERSAL ALU and you will have the complete set up to reach the top of your game in any spot you are riding in. Stay one step ahead.

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