When Swiss Innovation meets Tradition

Léoanard Berner surfs Geneva's lake…

Armed with his Indiana 120 foil board, 1100P foil and without any mechanical traction, Léonard Berner achieved a great feat by starting – pumping – from the port of Lutry to join the wave of a tourist boat. Or as we like to put it, when Swiss innovation – these boards being developed and manufactured by Indiana Paddle & Surf – meets the tradition of the “belle époque” boats. The practice of foiling is in full expansion, a boon for lovers of board sports. We often know foil kite surfs, foil windsurf boards or even, newly arrived on Lake Geneva, the TF35 (a large foil catamaran). Whatever the medium, the concept remains the same: a foil – a kind of airplane wing – which once immersed in the water, allows you to fly under the pressure of the latter, the movement gives it the necessary speed to move forward.

Surf lovers will now be able to have fun surfing at Lake Geneva, which is known for its calm waters. Brice de Nice had better watch out!

– Images from 5 Elements Production, Julien Christe, and assisted by two of their friends.



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