Tom Court Wake Surfing & Boat Jacking

Court In The Act Ep.117:

From the bog wave foiling last week, to the smallest wave foiling this week. I think it is one of the best things about riding hydrofoils is the versatility of what is possible. You can have fun on a regular boat wake, or you can ride giant swell humps out in the deep ocean. For any true water man, or woman… I think the time has come to master the foil!

Learning to read the energy under the water and ride a wave with what you feel rather than what you see is an interesting learning journey and I have been testing out as many different foils as I can. In this we are using a @DUOTONE Kiteboarding pace board with the AXIS hydro 101 wing high aspect, with a quick test of the new 660 gull wing too…

Stay tuned for my ultimate foil setup guide video dropping soon!

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