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Welcome to another tech talk video. My name is Wieger, co-founder of Appletree Surfboards. Today we are going to talk about a topic that we get a lot of questions about, and that is, is a board important in your foiling set up?

It’s a bit of a no brainer answer for us. Of course, as a board brand, we will tell you that a board is super important when foiling. But still people do think that the foil is way more important and that the board really doesn’t matter that much because it’s only for getting up. And once you’re up, you’re on the foil and it’s the foil that matters. But we’re here to tell you that it’s the complete opposite and the board does matter quite a lot.

What makes a foil board, a good foil board

So there are a few things that make a foil board, a good foil board. Either for kite foiling, wing foiling or surf foiling, they are similar things. I think number one of a good board is the right shape. The right shape for the right conditions, a flatter wider board for freestyle winging like the Jazz wing foil board. Or a V hole bottom board that we use for the Pro Foil V2, our allround surf foil board, really helps in paddling or small kite boards that are really designed for proper touchdowns.

How to choose the best construction for your foiling board?

Number two why it really matters, is the construction. And construction, is our main thing that we do at Appletree Surfboards. So for foil boards, you will see in our collection that we only use carbon fiber. We have experimented quite a bit with glass fiber foil boards, but in reality, glass fiber is too flexible. It doesn’t translate the forces and the energy and the feel of the foil through to your feet.

Interested to know more about the construction of our foil boards? Check out the foil technology page here.


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