Southhampton Boat Show with Fliteboard

Tom Court takes his eFoil on the road…

In this episode of Court In the Act I am at the Southampton boat show with @Fliteboard using some of the best electric foils in the world in-front of the British public for the first time ever in England. Bringing Flite Boards to the UK market and running displays out the front of the Southampton boat show alongside the jet skis, fly boards, zapcats and other displays that we had at the boat show. I am really getting into the electric foils as they are an incredible bit of kite for making the most of the conditions is there are none. No wind, no waves, no problem with a Flite Board. I have been using them for all sorts of things over the summer and I stand behind Flite Board as the best electric foils on the market, dedicated to performance and offering and epic service to go with it!! This swell season I am looking forward to shredding my new Ultra in the waves on the south coast with the true gluide prop for riding swells… What an incredible events, awesome week with Glyn Ovens, shredding electric hydrofoil boards infront of a crowd that didn't know much about foiling, but where blown away by these incredible bits of equipment!!! Stoke all-round!! Stay tuned for more #fliteboard content on my channel soon!!

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