Shooting Piers

Tom Court tests out his new GoPro set up…

In this weeks episode of Court in the Act, I head over to the far side of the Isle of Wight again to link up with Ross Williams on the day before one of the biggest storms of the spring season for a full day of shredding. Wing foiling under the pier followed by a sneaky novelty kitesurf session at Ventnor town beach on 12m lines with my strapless wave board… Making sure I have my equipment dialled in before the strong winds hit. Also testing out a new GoPro mount for filming foil wing, as well as crashing my kite in the shore break and nearly dying… Its the sheer variety of possibilities that are available to ride these days, between the different foils, different boards, kites, wings and more… it opens up the whole world as a playground… the Isle of Wight is our playground here in the UK… Join me each week for a new episode of shreddery, testing out different equipment, riding new spots, different style and always new adventures with cool people!! Let's send it!!

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