How to Water Start Your Low Volume Foil Board

Larry Foiler goes in-depth with some water start tips for his 35L foilboard…

The key for me is to sink your board and establish your balance first. I keep my knees as bent as possible to keep the board closer to the surface. Gently pull your wing to you using your leash and take it by the front leading edge handle. Next move is to reach under the wing for your front handle with your front hand while maintaining balance. At this point you want to pull the wing to you rather than lean towards it. I use my front forearm/elbow to lock off my balance against the leading edge of the wing. Next, with the wing above your head, reach your back hand for the rear handle and rip down hard (sheet in) on the wing. This will give you a sudden burst of power and give you your best chance of getting your board to the surface. I’ll also generate some extra power with some short fast pumps with my back hand on the wing. Once your board is at the surface it’s a matter of pumping the wing and board simultaneously to get up on the foil. Then you’re away! This feels totally impossible the first time (see previous videos) but with some practice and persistence it gets surprisingly easier each session. Rider weight 64kg Wind 18kn Sunova 4’6 x 35L foilboard Axis 910 front wing Smik 4.0 Wing. #loyaltothefoil

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