FOIL HEAVEN!! 2min Rides… #courtintheact

Tom Court scored some epic springtime sunshine in the UK, and got to work…

We finally found it, foiling heaven! After watching many videos online of people doing this out in Hawaii and other such warm places, but finally we got a lovely sunny day here in the UK and we hit our secret foiling spot with the zapcat… and BOOM. We hit it. Im pretty sure this is the best way to ride a foil! I have foil kited, foil SUP’d, foil surfed (paddle in) but for sure if you can, finding a never breaking reef and towing-in is definitely the ticket!!

We are using Naish XL wing, Axis 1800cm wing and I have a new 2019 Fanatic 2000cm wing for the small days with my Duotone Kite foil board! Also for pumping something between a 1600-2000cm depending on your weight will be the best, with a 70-80cm mast being preferable!

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