E-Foil Racing’s 1st “Flite Cup 2021”

Tom Court races for the Fliteboard team in Monsaraz…

This week has been a crazy one, a few days in the hill of Monsaraz at the world water summit with Fliteboard and the guys from #fliteboard Europe. Putting their latest wing innovations though their paces around a technical corse that had been designed to put you to the test on everything from speed to turning.

High aspect foil wings, flow shapes, race wings and different modifications for the electric foil board setups, rear tail shims with more or less lift… An interesting event to be part of. I test a bunch of different foil setups, just about make a complete lap and take the winning time of 1.50 second around the course… it was really good fun, there is a bright future in electric and hydrofoil equipment and it is an honour to be so close to a new aspect of what will be the future.

Big thanks to the whole event crew and all the people that put this together!! This is 2 of 3 videos I will make from this event, looking deeper into some of the technology that is behind these boards, what sort of changes make a huge difference to speed gains and hopefully taking home the gold at this amazing and unique event!!! You can check out the whole event broadcast here.

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