Best boards for Wing Foiling

Tucker over at MACkiteboarding recently posted an in-depth review of the best boards for anyone jumping into the wing ting…

Wing foiling, wing surfing, hand kite, wing ding….whatever you call this hot new sport, everyone wants to talk about it but not many people have firsthand knowledge. We have been fortunate enough to have gotten some prototypes in late spring from most of our brands, and I can tell you we are hooked. Although we were skeptical at first, thinking it might be too difficult, need tons of wind, or just get boring after the novelty wore off.

After a couple sessions, progressing past the learning curve and getting some long rides I can tell you that we were hooked. Wing foiling is not as fast as kiteboard foiling or windsurf foiling and it needs a bit more wind but the simplicity, accessibility, and freedom is undeniable. After playing in some small waves, I can tell you that my stoke is on record high level for our larger down-winding swell this fall. I love surf and SUP hydrofoiling in waves, but the downtime waiting for waves and the limitation of breaking waves keeps you waiting more than riding. The wind wings give you the ability to choose waves and start to ride them far before they would be catch-able on another craft. After your ride ends, either by a mistake you made or the necessity to drive back upwind (yes they do go upwind), you simply change directions and blast back out into the lineup to do it again. Want the basics of how to get started? Check out our blog about that…

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