Red Letter Day: The Good Life

Rider and Words: Alberto Rondina
Photos: Laci Kobulsky
Location: Prokite Alby Rondina, Sicily
Date: Sunday July 24th, 2022 

We can’t deny that we spent some time looking up flights to Sicily after this piece from Alby Rondina dropped into our inbox. Read on… You’ll probably do the same.

Sicilian summer weather is pretty amazing. Just like most days, this day I woke up and the water was glassy, like a mirror. I headed to the office to do some work and at around 10am I sat down with my mate Laci Kobulsky to plan out the rest of the day.

A good-looking forecast for summer normally shows a nice northerly wind direction for the afternoon. With this direction the thermal effect kicks in, and it’s easily 5 to 10 knots windier than on the forecast.

Just as predicted, at around 11am the wind started to fill in here at our Pro Kite spot in Lo Stagnone Lagoon. At 12 o’clock we went out for our first kite session, shooting tricks with the drone in this amazing lagoon. The lagoon has got a few islands in it, so it’s pretty awesome to ride in between them and find your own little corner. We had some quick food on the beach and then headed to a different side of the lagoon, closer to Marsala town, about 10km downwind from our kite spot.

I got pretty hooked on winging these last couple years. I do love waves mostly, but in summer we don’t get much swell, so I started exploring our lagoon to see where the best places to wing were. It turned out that, right next to my house at the beginning of the lagoon, the wind fills right in and the water is nice and deep, almost all the way to shore, so it’s a pretty sweet wing set up! There are a couple of piers and some fishing boats around, which make the spot a bit more characterful and different.

Marsala town is only around a kilometer away, so the view is pretty amazing and, well, when the sun is about to set, it just lights up! You get to see all the islands in the open sea, the beautiful Marettimo and Favignana, and the colors are just stunning.

Trying to line up with Laci and the sun is always a fun mission, but I’ve been shooting with him for a while now, I know his instincts and from that I understand where to go or not to go. We got pretty lucky and scored some sick shots against the sun as you can see here. We kept shooting till dark, and we finally called it a day. Grabbed a couple beers from my house and toasted another good day here in Sicily!


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