No Bad Days

No messing about by F-ONE… When they want a product shoot done right, they pull out the Brazil card, where consistently epic conditions are generally par for the course for pretty much any water-based fun you care to name. It also happens to be the home of team rider Remi Quique’s Sossego Surf Camp. Which made it all the more convenient…

We caught up with Remi, Titouan Galea and Mizo Fernando to find out about the highlights of the shoot and why Brazil has seemingly limitless potential…

Hey guys. So what can you tell us about the plan for the trip?

TG: We were in Tibau Do Sul, close to Pipa in Brazil, where there were plenty of small waves and light winds, and boy did we have a lot of fun during this shoot! We got to surf some sick beach breaks and had loads of surf foil and SUP foil sessions in 1-4ft waves. We also scored some unforgettable wing sessions, with some sunset, moonrise and full nights of riding! I also had some of the best paragliding flights of my life.

MF: Remi has an amazing surf camp here. Everything worked out great. The crew were made up of some awesome people and we were quite lucky to have great conditions.

RQ: Yeah this is around my camp in north east Brazil, where I have been living since 2005. There are a lot of perfect point breaks and beach breaks, perfect for foiling without the crowds.

Brazil has an amazing reputation for kiting and surfing – does it have the same level of potential for foiling?

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TG: Yeah, it’s a really nice place for surf foiling, every single day there is a good wind swell, short swell period, and generally small waves… perfect for surf foiling. It also has so many different breaks, river mouths, sandbars and reefs.

MF: The Brazilian coastline is so huge it absolutely has the potential for so many disciplines, from very windy spots to absolutely perfect waves for foiling. There’s a lot of talented surfers and kiteboarders out here too… As soon as the majority of riders open their mind to foiling, the sport will grow a lot here.

RQ: Yeah, 8000km of coastline, a lot of river mouths with long waves, and some perfect spots for downwinders… the potential is truly massive.

How does Brazil compare to other places you have traveled to for foiling/kiting/surfing?

RQ: For me, it’s the best place for all those sports, and that’s why I left France and moved to Brazil in 2001!

TG: It just has a really cool vibe, the people are really nice, and I really loved the food… A lot of fruit and juices!

MF: It is hard to compare with other places. I think every place has its own attributes. One really good thing about Brazil is that the majority of the coastline is warm. Another great thing is that there are so many empty places to explore, and with the hydrofoils, it opens things up even more thanks to their versatility. The people are also very receptive and welcoming.

What was your daily routine and what time of day was best to foil – did it get windier as the day went on?

TG: There was no set routine really, we were going to different places depending on the conditions. Most of the time, mornings were better to foil because it was pretty much glassy all the time. And it would get windier most evenings.

MF: Depending on where we planned to shoot, our day consisted of waking up before dawn, drinking a good natural fruit juice and heading straight to the ocean to shoot some foil surfing before the wind and tide picked up. Most afternoons the winds got light, but there was usually just enough to wing foil in some very beautiful places.

RQ: We’d usually head out at 5am for the first session, which was generally the best one, with offshore wind. The wind picked up around 9am because of the configuration of the coast. We’d always have a wind protected spot for surfing, and another side of the spot for kiting or getting out on the wing, and we have a world class spot which is on the offshore winds side. It’s a secret spot, so no crowds…

Was there one moment that really stood out for you during the product shoot?

TG: The time we rode at night, we had some spotlights on our boards. I will always remember that moment!

MF: For me it was a great opportunity to learn winging skills with Titouan, who’s one of the best out there. It was also great to watch Titou and Remi paragliding right above my head! These guys are very skilled at what they do. And when we went foil surfing at Praia do Madeiro with dolphins of course…

RQ: Riding with Fernando and Titouan was really cool. It was so good to share the stoke, I made a lot of progress riding with them. They are legends!

We know Brazil is good for food and drinks. Tell us your favorites…

RQ: Acai is an Amazonian berry, it contains a lot of energy and is an antioxidant. It is perfect for lunch before the afternoon session.

TG: I loved the acai for sure! And the coconut water here is so much sweeter than anywhere else…

MF: Definitely fish and fruits. All the meals we had in Sossego Surf Camp were amazing. They are really good at cooking great food every day.

Who impressed you the most on this trip and why?

TG: Probably all the young riders who surf in Pipa Playa Central, they were all sending 180 or 360 aerials!

MF: Remi impressed me with his skills in every discipline he practices. Also, the way he conducts his business and his family. His humility makes him a very special person to be around. Titouan impressed me too. Watching him winging is amazing… Such a great opportunity for me!

RQ: Titouan was riding with the wing in 8 knots of wind, making it look so easy, riding for two hours and never stalling or falling. Amazing!

Give us one secret about Brazil that you think the wider world should know…

TG: You can be completely safe and happy in Brazil, and in Tibau Do Sul in particular.

MF: Brazil is a magical place, it is such a great and diverse country. There is so much culture and different things to explore. From north to south, its coastline is huge and there are so many unexplored places to go and shred.

RQ: Here people understand and apply the expression “Enjoy your day like it will be your last”. I travel a lot, all over the world, and the happiest people I have met are those from my village in Tibau Do Sul.

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