INBOUND: Soöruz Guru Wind wetsuit

Welcome to a world where oysters have become a key component of a sustainably sourced wetsuit material. The team at Soöruz gave us the lowdown…

First up, give us a little background on the brand, where does your product development take place? 

Soöruz was founded in 1999, by two water sport enthusiasts, Yann Dalibot and Matthieu Barat, in France. Specializing in surf and water sport equipment, Soöruz is dedicated to designing and crafting high-quality products through collaborative innovation, enabling you to fully embrace your passion. We continually collaborate directly with our riders to innovate and adapt our products to meet their evolving needs. Early on, we also prioritized environmental considerations in the development of our wetsuits.

Our product development takes place in our headquarters in La Rochelle, France. Here, we work on the designs and the improvements of our wetsuits to ensure quality products.

So who is the Guru Wind fullsuit primarily aimed at?

The Guru Wind fullsuit is crafted with the windsport enthusiast in mind. Whether you're into wingfoiling, kiteboarding, or windsurfing, this wetsuit is designed to enhance your performance and comfort on the water.

Exactly what elements of the suit make it so appealing to those in the wind sport realms?

Our new Guru Wind boasts optimized arms crafted from a flexible polyester and recycled nylon fabric, providing unparalleled freedom of movement and a lightweight feel. Its cramp-proof cut and pre-shaped design ensure your arms remain relaxed and responsive, even in the most challenging conditions. Additionally, the Front-Zip system simplifies donning the suit, while ankle tightening systems and strategic drainage holes enhance comfort and water resistance.

With the current scrutiny aimed at neoprene production, how have you adapted your products for better sustainability and eco credentials?

We strive to use innovative manufacturing processes and sustainable materials for our suits. This may include the use of recycled materials such as recycled polyester and nylon on fabrics, or the black color made from recycled tires. We use eco-responsible dyeing processes. Our main innovation is to have been the first to integrate oyster shell powder into our wetsuit foam, thus reducing the need for petroleum-based materials. In 2024, we are introducing Organic Oysterprene, made from natural rubber and oyster shells. Chloroprene-free, it offers unrivalled performance while being 63% bio sourced.

These choices allow us to reduce our environmental footprint compared with traditional methods, by limiting the consumption of natural resources and the production of toxic waste. We also take into account the whole lifecycle of the product, and have a recycling program, and we have more than 100 collection points in Europe.

Give us a little more detail on the Oysterprene… How do oyster shells integrate in the process?

Oyster shells are incorporated into the foam layer of our neoprene, replacing traditional limestone in the chemical process. This innovative approach maintains the technical performance of our wetsuits while reducing our environmental footprint, all without additional costs for the end customer. As the first brand having developed the incorporation of oyster shells, we are proud of this innovation and our decision to make OYSTERPRENE© accessible to the broader market. Our new Organic Oysterprene further advances this commitment, by integrating natural rubber.

The lining to the suit looks quite intriguing. What can you tell us about that?

We utilize premium materials for our lining, with recycled polyester on the outside enhancing the stretch of our wetsuit. Inside, our Storm Dry lining offers softness and warmth, ensuring maximum comfort. Not only does it dry quickly, but it also facilitates more sessions on the water.

Which foiling teamriders should we all be keeping an eye on right now?

Be sure to keep an eye on Alan Fedit, Axel Gerard, Xavi Corr, Plantpositiv, and Erwan Jeoffroy, all showcasing impressive skills. And for some girl power, follow Orane Ceris and Flora Artzner! Stay tuned to our social channels for the latest updates on our talented team riders. 

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