INBOUND: SIFLY V3 Fuselage & Jet Propellor

A key and pioneering new development from the clever design bods over at SiFly, with a new adjustable fuselage for their eFoil system, as well as a new jet drive too. It was time to chat… 

Hey team. Where are you based, and where does the majority of the testing and development take place?

SiFly AI Ltd. is proudly based in Bulgaria, where all our development, testing, and production take place. It's a fantastic environment for innovation and pushing the boundaries of eFoil technology. Being headquartered here allows us to closely monitor every stage of the process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance in our products.

So… are we right in thinking this is the first ever adjustable fuselage for an eFoil?!

Yes, that’s right! At SiFly, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance, usability, and safety. With the Hydrofoil V3, we've achieved a milestone in eFoil technology by creating the first customizable hydrofoil unit. Not only does the Hydrofoil V3 offer interchangeable propulsion systems, but also boasts the first adjustable stabilizers on the market, completely redefining what's possible on the water.

How easy is it to adjust and what advantages does this extra functionality give the average user?

To make the high-performance DNA of the Hydrofoil V3 less intimidating for newer riders, we developed the Dynamic Rail System, which runs along the top and bottom of the hydrofoil’s fuselage. The bottom rail of the DRS allows riders to adjust the position of the rear stabilizer according to their ability and preferences. By sliding the stabilizer across the rail, riders can transform the Hydrofoil V3 from a stable learning platform to an agile wave carver with ease. Meanwhile, our patented EZ GO stabilizer can be easily placed on the top rail of the DRS, further enhancing safety and usability.

And what are the benefits to the rider with this system?

The Hydrofoil V3 has been designed from the ground up to be a precision tool, providing ultimate performance and maneuverability. The first step in this direction was to completely rethink the hydrofoil’s architecture. The new geometry features a significantly shorter fuselage, which establishes a more direct connection between rider and propulsion system. This translates into a more dynamic ride, as the input needed to roll the eFoil into a carve is greatly reduced. Furthermore, powered by a more powerful motor boasting 8kW, the Hydrofoil V3 not only delivers unmatched performance, but also achieves remarkable efficiency. This efficiency is further improved by the sleeker mast profile, which cuts through the water with minimal drag, reducing noise and ventilation.

The new V3 Fuselage is also compatible with an all-new Jet Propellor. Talk us through the thoughts and benefits behind this.

Тhe true highlight of the Hydrofoil V3 lies in its interchangeable drive options: prop drive and jet drive, allowing riders to tailor their experience to their unique style and preferences. For riders prioritizing safety and smoothness, we have the SiFly Jet. Engineered for maximum safety and performance, the SiFly Jet features a fully shielded impeller, eliminating the risks associated with exposed propellers. This advanced propulsion system directs a focused water stream, delivering powerful thrust and ensuring a silky smooth ride that's second to none. 

You’ve also recently released a new Lite inflatable board too. What type of customer is this going to be perfect for?

The Lite inflatable board is tailor-made for adventure travelers seeking the ultimate combination of portability and performance. Its compact design makes it incredibly convenient for those who are always on the go, whether it's exploring remote beaches or embarking on spontaneous water adventures.

Nice. And are there any more exciting upgrades in the pipeline?!

Absolutely… we have something truly groundbreaking in the works – a sport board like no other. Stay tuned for the big reveal. You'll be the first to know all the details!.  

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