AK recently released a bunch of new sizes into their popular Plasma (HA) and Tracer (MA) ranges. So why the fresh sizes and who’s going to want to add them to their quiver? We got in touch with the AK crew to find out just that…

Photos Mitchell Doyle Markgraaff

There’s already a 1600 and 2050 in the Plasma range… was it always the plan to bring in the smaller sizes? 

With the evolution of hydrofoiling, foils are getting both smaller and bigger. Nowadays, we are able to get the same amount of lift with a smaller foil than we could before with bigger foils. This has allowed us to go smaller and smaller, making foils even more maneuverable. 

High aspect foils used to just want to go straight, but with the reduction in size and wingspan, high aspect foils are becoming weapons in the surf and on downwinders as a result of the increased turning ability. 

These are optimized for performance wing, surf, tow and downwind. How’s the feedback been from the team?

We’ve received really good feedback on the smaller size Plasmas from our team. Donovan Wichmann has been putting the new 880 Plasma through its paces in the surf and with the wing, while Peter Petersen has been loving the 1100 and 1350 sizes for downwinding and SUPing.

You also have a new 1600 v3 Tracer. What discipline is this one perfectly tuned for? 

The new 1600 Tracer is tuned for all disciplines, from surf, downwind, to winging. This size is the perfect foil for the bigger rider, or a beginner to intermediate rider looking for some extra stability and easy lift. The Tracer is a very user-friendly foil with the perfect balance between performance, ease of use, and the ultimate maneuverability. 

Give us a bit of an overview of the Aerocore Carbon Construction that features in both foils…

Our Aerocore Carbon composite hydrofoil wings are produced with high quality Toray Carbon for rigidity, and feature expanded epoxy cores for lightweight performance.  Under a heat pressed manufacturing process, these wings maintain tight tolerances and lightweight specifications to meet our high performance and quality demands.

Do the stabilizers cross over between the two foil ranges and are there any considerations for the user here?

We are releasing a new stabilizer that will be sold with the new Plasma sizes should you buy a complete foil. The Rhythm, AK’s new high aspect stabilizer is ideal for speed and glide efficiency. Generating slightly more lift than the Arc Down stabilizer, the Rhythm stabilizer will allow you to use a smaller size tail for less drag. The thinner profile of the Rhythm allows some flex for springback when pumping, making the Rhythm the perfect match with our Plasma range.

And then talk us through the various mast options for the system, and their intended usage…

The Plasma comes equipped with an 85cm Carbon Plus mast should you purchase a complete foil. Our 85cm mast is our mid-length mast, which is a good all-around size that can be used for surf, downwind, pumping, and winging. We also offer our Carbon Plus masts in 78cm and 98cm. The 98cm mast is predominantly used for kitefoiling, while the 78cm is ideal for pumping, paddle-
ups, and proning. 

Are there plans for further sizes in the two foil ranges? 

We are always developing and pushing the category further and looking at ways to improve our products. We cannot say what sizes we will be introducing next just yet, you’ll have to wait and see for that. 

On that note… is there anything else coming soon that we might get the inside track on?!

The all-new Monocoque stabilizer is AK’s new full carbon blended fuselage and stabilizer. For improved pump and glide efficiency and a smooth ride, the Monocoque stabilizer will take you further and have you gliding for longer. By integrating the tail and fuselage, the Monocoque pairs perfectly with the blended front wing for a seamless foil from front to back. Minimizing obtrusive bolts and adjustment points, this tail has been optimized for performance. We are also introducing a heavily requested 125L Phazer to the range! 

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